Dispersion in slot machines: what is it?

Fans of slot machines have probably heard about variance in online slots. You may also come across a word like volatility. These terms have the same meaning. But what does variance say and why do we need to know about it?

What is variance in online slots?
Variance is used to denote the “volatility” or “risk” of a gaming machine. It is medium, low and high. It should not be confused with RTP as these terms mean very different things. So, on average, a slot has a return percentage (RTP) in the range of 94-96%, but it has nothing to do with volatility.

High variance slots
These online slots have a low hit rate. That is, game combinations are made less frequently. But, if they do appear, then the winnings will be much higher than in the machines with low and medium variance. The games on these slot machines are usually difficult, but many users like them very much. After all, they can offer quite high winnings, with a coefficient from 100 to 1000 from the initial indicator.

One example of a high variance slot machine is Beetle Mania, where minor combinations are infrequent. The user can spin the reels for some time to no avail, but then he will immediately get the strongest combination or an additional game will be opened.

Medium variance slot machines

This indicator means that the slots are somewhere in the middle. They can give the player prizes in both high and low sizes. These machines are not games that have really low or high volatility. Therefore, they are suitable for those looking for something in between. Most games have just average variance.

Such a slot machine can be called Big Bang, in which combinations can be formed over several spins, then unsuccessful spins will occur. Therefore, the player will not immediately lose his deposit, but he will not be able to immediately double or triple it.

Low variance slots
These online slots are characterized by low volatility and high hit rates. In the process of spinning the reels, users get many winning combinations, but with a lower cost. In this case, it may seem that the balance does not change at all. But when playing on slot machines with low variance, the risk of losing money quickly is much less, because regular small wins keep the game balance at the same level.

When choosing a slot machine, you need to understand what level of risk the player is willing to take. The greater this risk, the higher the ultimate reward can be. That is, you have a better chance of hitting the jackpot.

If players do not like to take risks, then devices with low or medium volatility are suitable for them. They are great for newbies as their bankroll won’t evaporate quickly due to the low hit rate that is built into every game. This allows you to save your money and play much longer.

In order for the game to bring a pleasant experience, you need to understand when to choose slots and which ones. If your bankroll is not capable of sustaining the game for a long time, but you want to hit the jackpot, you can try slots with high variance. But on slots with low volatility, it is difficult to win a large amount. They are suitable for those who are ready to play calmly and for a long time, without a significant increase in capital.